Well, it’s a tiny bit complicated, and best discussed after we visit the site you want us to shoot but here are some general guidelines:

We like to visit a site, before we quote a price and as long as you are reasonably close to us (Belmar to Manahawkin and west to Jackson Mills,) the initial site visit is free.

If you are a close by, small establishment it is possible that a tour could cost as little as $225, but honestly, most medium sized tours cost in the area of $275 ~ $350 and if you have a large area to cover, it can cost quite a bit more.

This raises the questions; What is a small and medium size tour, and what is our local operating range?

Small Tour:

Normal/Medium Tour:

What is our local and Expanded service areas:

We consider any place within a 20 minute drive of Garden State Parkway exits 82 or 89 to be within our normal (local) area.

Cities bordering our local area include:

Cities in our expanded service include (usually $20 extra):

Outside our normal working area

Call or message us to give an exact address and we will make a determination.

When is payment due?  

  Payment is due within 30 days of the tour being fully published and working.

What’s included:

Assuming you are somewhere in NJ, East of Freehold and Jackson, and between GSP Exits 58 to 109; we will come visit your place.  We will make sure that you have claimed your business on Google maps (and if you have not, we will explain how and why you should do this,). We will do a quick walk thru/site survey and explain how 360 tours works. An example of what you should do to prepare the establishment for the actual tour would include hiding messy trash cans, replacing missing ceiling tiles, clearing any visible distraction out of the area of the tour…. in general, just spruce the place up a bit. We will review what to expect the day of the tour and when you will see the results on Google Maps.  We will do our best to explain all the good, bad, and yes some ugly stuff and if you are interested, we will plan a day for the shoot. All for free.

We shoot the tour, transfer the images to a cloud based moderator where we layout the tour, upload the finished tour to Google Maps and publish it. At this point we review the uploaded tour and make any revisions needed. Once the tour is published, it takes 3 or 4 business days to propagate through Google's map servers (during this time, the tour or parts of the tour, may be visible). Once the tour is visible on Google Maps we will stop by and show you the tour. If you are happy with the results you have 30 days to pay the bill or if you are unhappy with the results, after the 30 days, the tour simply disappears. Upon receipt of payment we will transfer ownership of the tour and the photos to you and if you have your own web presence, supply you with links that allows the tour to be embedded into your own web site.

Serving Ocean/Monmouth counties in New Jersey

Billy-Jean Fields